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  1. To establish a cultural centre with facilities for documentation to help, study and conduct research in arts, crafts performing arts, architecture, natural environment historical monuments, manuscripts and epigraphs.
  2. To establish educational institutions for imparting education in arts, crafts performing arts, architecture, environmental and architectural, environmental conservationĀ  and also other vocational, technical and historical subjects and for research
  3. To start training schools for training young artisans and artists in wood crafts building crafts, pottery bronze/ metal casting etc. to manufacture similar object of art and crafts in order to propagate, hand down and continue traditional arts and crafts to the future generations.
  4. To conduct training courses, orientation courses motivation workshops artists and artisans camps for benefit of the artists and craftsmen and also for expose the public at large to fine arts like painting and sculpture, crafts like building craft handloom weaving, pottery basket making and others.
  5. To organize seminars, symposia, lectures, demonstrations and other similar programmes inviting artists, artisans, art promoters and experts on the subjects with a view to disseminate knowledge and to promote and encourage younger generation of artists to continue the tradition.
  6. To establish an art complex for the study of fine arts, sculpture painting metal casting and graphics equipped with art galleries and studios.
  7. To bring out publication on arts, crafts, performing arts, architecture, sculpture and also to publish research papers on theĀ  above subjects.
  8. To establish library of reference books, manuscripts, photographs, magazines, video tapes, cassettes, films complete audio visual equipments etc.
  9. T o setup an archive for preservation and documentation of archival material to facilitate research in arts and allied subjects.
  10. To acquire properties and building and constructs building to house objects of arts and crafts including painting and to construct museums, art galleries and auditoriums.
  11. To organize exhibitions of art and craft and further hold music concerts, dance recitals, drama’s and all other classical and folk performing arts including puppet theatre.
  12. To setup an agency to procure and market objects of art and craft prepared by artists and artisans to enable them to make a decent living in kala Gramma.
  13. To provide necessary guidance, help and relief to the needy and economically weak artists and artisans and help to bring their talents to the knowledge of the public and to appropriate bodies with a view to procure for them timely help to alleviate their financial distress.
  14. To accept and create endowments for the implementations of the above subjects and mange and administer such endowments.
  15. To engage in such other activities as may be conducive to promote the objects set out above as the board of trustees may decide from time to time.
  16. To establish, Maintain and run any medium type of education institution i.e.school, college, Technical institutions, physical, health, professional, Law,Vocational Agriculture Horticulture, and other any kind of Educational Institutions.
  17. To motive any facilities people of all walks of life in rural areas towards a higher quality of life.
  18. To provide professionals & Modern Scientific training for improved wording agricultural and horticultural and related rural activities like poultry sericulture fisheries and animal Husbandry
  19. To establish and manage Dharma Salas, Choultries or rest house for benefit of pilgrims, tourists and students going on educational tour.
  20. To establish and distribute text and notebook, study materials to persons interested in studying Bhagvad Geeta,Upanishads and ,many more philosophical Books.
  21. To establish educational institutional institution and to maintain and manage the said educational institutional institution for the benefit of poor and weaker section of the society.
  22. To establish maintain and manage or acquire libraries and reading rooms for the benefits of the devotees and or students of the trust.
  23. To start and manage centers for training youths in self employment and job oriented course.
  24. To canvas and to promote for a forestation and ecological balance.
  25. To have programmes for all round development of villages and rural communities.
  26. To grant scholarship and free ships and free food to the poor and deserving students.
  27. To include the true spirit of moral and spiritual values in the children of all communities, castes and creed and to mould their characters and integrity accordingly.
  28. To help destitute, handicapped and down trodden people of all caste and creed by creation and providing means for their uplifting to make them self sufficient and for that purpose to establish appropriate centers in the various places situated in the said territories as the trustee may decide so as to extend benefits in particular to women children orphans Etc.
  29. To carry on community development progrmmes for upcoming of the economically weaker sections of the society and also construct and develop community centers or halls for carrying such activities.
  30. To work for rehabilitation of the people of weaker sections of society of all caste and creed, who are affected by natural calamities, riots and civil disturbances.
  31. To evolve and implement religious, socio-religious, educational Cultural, economic and health oriented programmes for the under privileged and weaker sections of the society which includes women, youth, physically handicapped, working children, urban and rural poor and other to enhance their socio-religious, economic and cultural well.
  32. To do all other law full things as may be incidental to or conducive to the attainment of the object of the trust.
  33. To amalgamate, take over, to deal and effectuate similar kind of existing trust with this trust, which deems necessary for the betterment of this trust.
  34. To promote, organize, administer, establish, support, maintain, and or grant aid to any person, institution or society or organization whatsoever having for its objects of charitable purpose and to incur expenditure in connection therewith.
  35. To promote, assist, and/ or maintain all activities by whosoever carried on or wherever carried on in India in conformity with the object of the society and as are conducive to the well being and general welfare of the nation or are conducive for the advancement of any object or objects of general public utility not involving/carrying on any activity for profit.
  36. And generally to do all such acts, deeds and things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment and furtherance of the above objects.

It is herby further declare that:-

  1. The trust shall be for benefit of all person belonging to whatsoever community and irrespective of caste, creeds and religions.
  2. The object if the trust shall not include objects involving the carrying on of any activities for profit within the meaning of income Tax Act, 1961.
  3. The trust created hereby is irrevocable trust.
  4. The Income and /or trust funds shall be applied and/or accumulated to such charitable purpose in India.
  5. The trust shall carry out any incidental activities for generation income required for other activities, by constructing temples and Matha’s
  6. The trust assets shall vest in the trustees who shall extend possessed of any vested with the said assets, under this deed on trust and shall be administered and manage by them subject to and in conformity with the provisions of this deed of trust.




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